Is your car not running quite like it normally does?
DNA Automotive can help you find and solve that problem

Is the air conditioning in your car not like it used to be? Do you feel that your car air conditioning struggles to cool your car down? Is your air flow not strong through the air vents?

The air conditioning in your car is not just for raising and lowering your internal temperatures but it is also used as a demister. At DNA Automotive we can regas your aircon system to keep you cool and efficient.

Are the gear changes not as smooth as they used to be? Does it feel like the gears are slipping? You may not be aware that in some vehicles, automatic transmission servicing should be done every 40,000 to maintain efficiency. We offer this with your manufacturers log book requirements and can complete an automotive transmission service as needed.
Feeling a shudder when you brake on the highway? What about that nasty squeal when you stop at the lights? Is the brake pedal soft when you press it? If you have noticed these happening in your vehicle, our fully qualified technicians will diagnose the problem and provide a full written report and quote. Furthermore, as part of any routine service at DNA Automotive, your brakes are inspected to ensure you hit the road safely before driving away.
Does it feel like you’re accelerating but going nowhere? Is there a horrible burning smell? Clutch pedal feel spongy and it’s hard to put the vehicle in gear? These are all signs that the clutch is on its way out. The DNA Automotive team will diagnose the problem and provide a detailed report and quote.
Is your vehicle getting hot sitting in traffic? Overheating? Funny smell coming from your car? Puddle of coolant on the ground? These are all signs that your cooling system is in need of repair.A cooling system service can identify these issues in advance and fix problems before they become costly. DNA Automotive will also check for leaks on any routine service.
Love your car but not ready to say goodbye? You know it’s time to bite the bullet and fix all of those nasty problems – blowing smoke, using too much oil, engine rattle or knock, motor seized. DNA Automotive can offer an engine rebuild options that means you can keep your beloved car on the road with a new lease of life.
Is your engine light on? Bad fuel consumption? Engine running rough? Car just doesn’t feel right? Our team will discuss your issues with you then conduct a scan tool diagnosis to pin point the problem. Before any work commences we will explain our findings with you and outline a full plan of action to get you back on the road. No nasty surprises and no work done without your consent.