4 cylinder from $395
6 cylinder from $495
8 cylinder from $615

Sometimes your car needs more than just a minor service. Build-ups rob your car of performance, fuel economy, and increase harmful emissions and lead to costly engine repairs if left untreated.

The Premier Service offers a more extensive option that aims to optimise your engines performance and fuel economy, along with decreasing harmful emission in the environment.

  • Replace engine oil (up to 5 litres of oil)

  • Replace oil filter

  • Under bonnet check

  • Top up fluids

  • Inspection and adjustment on braking system (including handbrake)

  • Charging system and battery check

  • Check steering and suspension

  • Check windscreen wipers and washers

  • Perform self diagnostic check on engine management system

  • Inspection of tyre pressures and wear

  • Inspection of all belts and hoses

  • Complete safety check

  • Check Air Conditioning

  • Test cooling system

  • Check exhaust, transmission and lights

  • Replace spark plugs (standard, non-platinum)

  • Replace external fuel filter

  • Replace air filter

Every DNA Service

As part of the service we complete on your car a full report will be provided for your records. This may identify additional work and/or parts required to keep your car in safe and reliable condition. At all times, we will make you aware of any additional recommendations along with costs involved which can be conducted during the service at your request, or booked in at a later date.

All services are completed using environmental waste disposal practices.

Log Book Servicing

Can DNA Automotive carry out your log book service without voiding your new car warranty? YES.

Our software provides access to over 17,000 models variants, which assists in efficiently and accurately determining what you car needs to satisfy your manufacturers log book service. So don’t choose the expensive car dealerships, choose your local, reliable and affordable DNA Automotive Repairs. Your log book will be updated and stamped to ensure that your warranty is valid and a new sticker will be added to your windscreen to remind you when to visit us again.

4 Wheel Drive & Diesel Servicing

Need a routine or logbook service on your 4wd? Going on a road trip? As well as servicing light commercial vehicles, DNA Automotive service all 4wd makes and models.

Roadworthy certificates

Buying, selling or transferring your vehicle? Queensland Government regulations require you to have a valid Road Worthy Certificate to complete these tasks. DNA Automotive can provide a RWC for vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes in as quick as 1 hour. If you do find that there are safety concerns, we are there to help get your car road worthy.

Safety Inspection

Buying a car and want a pre-purchase inspection completed by certified mechanics? Going on a long road trip? Make sure your car is in it’s best shape by getting the team to conduct a safety inspection. We will provide you with a written safety check to ease your mind.

Wheels and Tyres

Needing new tread? Feeling a wobble on the highway? DNA Automotive can fix your tyre woes – it could be a simple rotate and balance, puncture repair or providing a complete new set of tyres.